Bennet Bieck is Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. He is creating music for films, commercials and video games – everything you can imagine is possible. Let him know what you are looking for and get in touch – via Mail, Phone or meet for a coffee.



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Bennet Bieck

Bennet Bieck

Music Composer / Sound Designer / Artist

Bennet Bieck is a composer for film and media projects, currently located in Cottbus (near Berlin), Germany. A multi-instrumentalist, he began his musical journey as a drummer, and later expanded his horizons to include guitar, bass and piano. Coming from a sensibility that is firmly based in rhythmic structure, his compositions are punctuated by beats and grooves, encompassing sounds that range from full symphonic arrangements to electronica and guitar-oriented rock, pop, punk. He has scored several films, commercials and video games, and the films recently worked on, the short films „Prodromal“ and „The Crystallomancer“, won an Award of Merit and an Apex AWARD.

Bennet was so wonderful to work with yet again. He was so patient and diligent to get the piece to match the needs of the film. So grateful to have had him on our team!

Brittany Falardeau, Actress & Producer

Thorough job. Beautifully crafted. He understood what I was looking for, delivered in a very timely mattered and even accommodated my additional requests. I will likely use Bennet again on future projects.

Excellent and fast work!

This is more than I could’ve ever asked for! Bennet was able to create music requested without any sheet music and it was perfect. Thank you!

jssnolan, Musician

Thank You for the fast and precise job!

silviyad, Musician